Aims and Values

School Mission, Aims and Values 

Our mission: 

St Paul’s is a community of learners where everyone can be successful. This vision is central  to the spirit of the school and is represented by our school slogan ‘Alone we are smart,  together we are brilliant!’ St Paul’s is a school family which involves all of its members,  especially our pupils’ loved ones. 

We are proud of our children and their families, our staff and the learning provision that we  offer. We endeavour to make a positive difference to the lives of our students by providing  them with the skills and tools to become lifelong learners; learners who are emotionally,  socially, physically and academically strong and intelligent. 

At St Paul’s we aspire to inspire. We are committed to broadening our pupils’ horizons and making sure that they enjoy their childhood school experience. 

We firmly believe that education is represented by the 4Ls: 

Learning, Love. Laughter and Leadership

These four values are at the heart of our practice at St Paul’s and underpin our school  curriculum. 


School Aims: 

We aim to provide a broad, balanced, fun, memorable, rich and intellectually-challenging  learning experience. The school is devoted to raising children’s expectations and aspirations.  We strive to ensure that our pupils become motivated individuals who develop a genuine thirst  for learning; our principal objective is for each pupil to develop a deep interest, and love for,  learning. 

  • To treat all children fairly, nurture them and ensure their safety. 
  • To provide a high quality and inclusive teaching and learning experience for all,  which embraces every child’s learning needs. 
  • To develop effective learners who are curious, process-orientated and can apply  and retain what they’ve learnt by offering a curriculum which promotes the  characteristics of effective teaching and learning. These include:  

playing and exploring (engagement) – children investigate and  experience things, and ‘have a go’.  

active learning (motivation) – children concentrate and keep on  trying if they encounter difficulties, and enjoy achievements. 

creating and thinking critically (thinking) – children have and  develop their own ideas, make links between ideas, and develop strategies for doing things 

  • To foster a love of learning and ensure that children develop the skills of  collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity, so that they can  succeed in the twenty-first century. 
  • To support all children in developing a sense of personal responsibility and an  awareness of the importance of being considerate and caring towards others. 
  • To actively involve parents / guardians in their children’s learning journey and  inform them regularly about their child’s progress and about all aspects of school  life. 
  • To promote and develop strong emotional, social, physical and academic  intelligence. 
  • To instil in each child an understanding, appreciation and respect for different  religions, beliefs and moral values. We seek to prepare children for living in a  multicultural society. 
  • To encourage every child’s sense of worth and boost their self-esteem.
  • To develop in each child the following 10 personal qualities and values:

10 Personal qualities and values which we promote across our school family: Community – I can work with others, achieve success and be happy as part of a team.

Creativity – I can try new ways of doing things. 

Curiosity – I can explore and learn new things. 

Empathy – I can recognise that others have feelings and I can look after them.

Integrity & Honesty – I can say what is true. 

Independence & Responsibility – I can do things for myself and I act and respond when I  notice that someone or something needs my help. 

Fairness – I can treat others equally and with respect. 

Kindness – I can share with others and make positive relationships. 

Positivity – I can see the good in things. 

Resilience & Self-belief – I can keep trying when it’s hard. I am confident that although it may  take some time, it is possible!