The activities and skills developed at Reception are;

1. Writing Table
(Writing involves transcription, spelling, handwriting and word composition, articulating ideas and structuring them in speech before writing.)

2. Mathematics Table
(Counting, understanding and using numbers, simple addition and subtraction problems, describing shapes, spaces, and measure.)

3. Create table
(Constructive play to create from a variety of materials, build upon creative skills, fine motor skills, cutting and sticking.)

4. Light table
(Sensory play opportunity that develops fine motor development, pre-writing skills, hand – eye coordination and colour recognition.)

5. Finger gym
(A comprehensive programme of developmental games, stories, rhymes and activities to improve fine motor skills, hand – eye coordination, differentiated movement and manual dexterity. It develops strong, flexible fingers, hands and arms, and as consequence can improve handwriting.)

6. Small world (Tuff tray)
(Children have the opportunity to act out experiences through small world play, to support the development of their personal, social and emotional skills. It acts as a catalyst for children to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings.)

Learn through play in Reception

Dinosaurs and Life Cycles